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Adamos Sergiou Protopapa

R.N. 901 | I.D. 331887

Adamos was born in Eptakomi on 30 April 1920. He went to primary school between 1926-1932. He then worked in agriculture and had a tractor, threshing machine and combine harvester. In 1943 he married Kalliope Pantela and in 1944 they had a child whom they named Sergios. After an illness Kalliope died and Adamos married Kona Pakkou at the beginning of 1974. After the second wave of the Turkish invasion and after the withdrawal of the Greek troops (14/8/74, the Turks from the neighbouring village of Galateia came and together with Turkish fellow villagers, took over the village. The men were separated from the

women and children. The men between the ages of 15-60 were taken to Galateia, Adamos being one of them, where he was held until 20/8/74. However, after two days he was taken again from his house and remains missing until this day.

Sergios Adamou


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