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Dimitrios Antoniou (Koutras) Haralabous

R.N. 1077 | I.D. 324380

Dimitrios was born in Eptakomi on 26/1/27. He went to the primary school and then worked in farming. He had his own bus and covered the Eptakomi-Famagusta route.

In 1952 he married Despina Grigori Mastri and they had three children. He was arrested on 15 August 1974 along with two of his children and the other fellow villagers. The Turks asked him for the keys to his taxi and drove him to Galateia in it.

His sons saw him being tortured in the prisons in Galateia until the evening of 20 August. He was interrogated about the whereabouts of arms and tortured. His son heard his name and that of

Modestos from Komi Kebir being called out on 20 August.
He has not been seen since. A few days later Turkish police came and asked his wife for the keys to his tractor and took that too.

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