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Kyriacos Pieri Katsahou

R.N. 828 | I.D. 160307

Kyriacos was born on 23 October 1915. He went to the primary school and worked in agriculture and as a rural constable. In 1937 he married Pantelou Matheou and they had two children.
He was enclaved with his family during the second phase of the invasion. The Turkish mayor Kemal Assoum asked the Greek mayor Louka Kyriacou to give up their arms before the arrival of the Turkish soldiers. Antonis Zahariades and an officer of the United Nations were present at the meeting. The Greek mayor requested that the arms, along with hunting rifles, be handed over to the United Nations.
Around 4 p.m. on the same day, Turkish soldiers

and Turks from Galateia came to the village and gathered all the villagers together in the church yard after which they separated men aged between 15-60. They were taken with Mihael Markou’s car to Galateia. Some villagers were returned to their homes in the village.
Around midnight of 20-21 August 1974 some Turks took Kyriacos and he has been missing ever since.


Iliou P. Katsahou


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