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Loukas Kyriacou Louka

R.N. 1415 | I.D. 324057

Loukas was born on 25/11/1908. He went to the primary school and in 1937 married Marikou Sergiou. They had one child.
From 1943 he was Secretary at the Cooperative Credit Company, and held this position until the invasion of 1974. He was a friend of the Secretary of the Cooperative Credit Company of Komi Kebir Siakalli.
He was mayor of Eptakomi from 1952 until the invasion. The village improved in many areas due to his good work. He helped all the villagers and was respected by both Greeks and Turks alike. In his free time he worked in agriculture, which he loved very much.

He was president of many committees: Cooperative Pancypriot Union of Carob Producers, Member of the Cooperative Union committee of Nicosia, Member of the Cooperative Confederation Committee and a colleague and advisor to Andreas Azinas of the Development Cooperative.
During the invasion he was enclaved along with other fellow villagers. On 15 August fellow Turkish villagers and Turks from Galateia rounded up the villagers in the church yard and separated the men aged between 15-60. Loukas showed them a letter from a doctor explaining that he had a heart condition and a fellow Turkish villager questioned why he was allowed to go free after which he was arrested. On 21 August they were made to lay face down and their names were called out. Those of Loukas Kyriacou, Antonis Konis and others from Komi Kebir were heard. From conflicting reports it is understood Loukas died as a result of the beatings he sustained. Other reports are that he was executed on 23 August 1974 along with other fellow villagers and buried in a mass grave in the area Miso Mili north of Galateia and south of Eptakomi

Kiriakos L.Kiriakou

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