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Mihalis Georgiou Sialouna

R.N. 906 | I.D. 517039

Mihalis Sialouna was born on 8/11/1952 to Sotira and Georgio Sialouna. He went to the primary school between 1958-64 and then to the Gymnasium in Famagusta until 1970. He was an excellent student. Mihalis did not serve in the National Guard. In 1970 he went to Athens to study Law and in 1974 had one year left of his studies.
In July 1974 he returned to Cyprus for the summer holidays and was enclaved in the village during the invasion. On 15 August Turks from both Galateia and Eptakomi rounded up the villagers in the church yard and separated the men aged between 15-60 and took them to the

prisons in Galateia. After around 4-5 days (20 August) he and another 3 fellow villagers were taken to an unknown place and have not been heard of since.
Mihalis was loved by his fellow villagers, never argued with anyone, an excellent and intelligent student.

Sotira G. Sialouna


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