How the community was established

The Eptakomites have been in Great Yarmouth for over half a century. Just after the Second World War, the late Mr. Loukas Chrisafis and the late Mr. Kyriakos Kikis discovered that in a seaside town somewhere in Eastern England called Great Yarmouth which was until then, unknown to them. There were opportunities and shops for sale. Since there was not much work in London at the time, they decided to buy an empty shop which was converted into a restaurant, which

Mr. Kikis, twenty years old with his fiancee Eleni, later to be his wife.

they operated in the summer season. They imported Greek food and Wine to the region for the first time, and other high class dishes which they had learnt while working in the restaurants of Soho; such as the Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus, London.

There were four partners; Mr. Loukas, Mr. Kikis and two other Cypriots from other villages. In 1947, they bought two shops in Great Yarmouth, The Savoy Restaurant and The New Regent. The business grew to the point where they were buying houses, renovating them, renting them out or providing accommodation for their staff. Then, in the 1950's they bought the Metropole in Marine Parade and in the 1960's and the 1970's they bought more, such as The Black Angus Steak House the cafe at the Bus Station as well as the Suffolk Punch near the town of Newmarket, two in Lowestoff, The Crown Public House and the Lucas Grill Renamed The Top of The Town; in total there were fourteen Restaurants and Cafes in and around the area of Great Yarmouth. A Supermarket called Savoy Catering Supplies was also opened in order to supply their restaurants with food and drink.

The supermarket gradually grew into a Cash & Carry which also supplied other shops and restaurants with food and drink. The company offices were based there and these soon became an advisory service which helped fellow villagers arriving in Great Yarmouth and provided a workforce for their restaurants.

When Mr. Loukas went to Eptakomi in 1949, he sponsored 15 Eptakomites who wanted to come to England.

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